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A Brief Guide to DevOps Metrics

Understanding the efficiency of your DevOps processes is the first step towards improvement. Unfortunately, there's no industry standard to track DevOps metrics. In our blog post, we outline the most important things to look for and give one recommendation on how to measure them.

Everyday Habits for Successful DevOps Adoption

DevOps adoption is at least the same amount of cultural change in an organization as a technical one. Because of this, sometimes teams find it hard to complete the adjustments. Find out about the everyday habits that can get you to the next level of DevOps adoption.

DevOps-as-a-Service, the Shortcut to DevOps Adoption

Instead of hiring DevOps specialists, many companies decide to team up with DevOps-as-a-Service teams to reduce time and money spent on DevOps adoption. Find out what to expect from DevOps-as-a-Service providers.

3 Key Differences Between DevOps and traditional IT operations

Adopting DevOps is a bold journey. There are many dangers and pitfalls on the road ahead but one thing's for sure – it pays off big time. Find out what to expect from DevOps compared to the traditional IT approach in this blogpost.