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‘Action!’ – behind the scenes

Behind the creation of the technical clapperboard known as dyrectorio there are 7 misfits. Discover who we are, how we work and what technologies we like to help engineers deliver their applications faster, so they can focus on developing their projects instead of setting them up.

Setup Vaultwarden, a self-hosted Bitwarden implementation with dyrectorio using Docker from the ground up

Vaultwarden is a self-hosted implementation of Bitwarden. Here's how you can set it up from getting a VPS, purchasing a domain, and deploying it with dyrectorio.

3 Levels of – The CD Platform Explained to Everyone's value can be translated on the level of end-users, business and technology. This is a buzzword-free explanation of what the platform has to offer to everyone.

Products vs. Versions: How to Use Them on

While they're similar in some ways, Products and Versions serve different needs. Creating a version for your product allows you to distribute and test different variants of your Products.