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Engineer’s Christmas Wish List for 2022's engineers tallied up 6 releases in 2022. They definitely deserve a spot on Santa's nice list. Find out what they wish for this holiday season.

What project management framework should your team use?

Projects can be messy. The more factors – I.e., stakeholders, technologies, etc. – are added to the equation – I.e., the project –, the more difficult it is to deliver the result, in our case, the software on time. Here’s how you can meet deadlines easier.

What is SDLC? And how do release management platforms like fit into the lifecycle?

Software development lifecycle is a hierarchic set of steps organizations can utilize to produce quality software time and cost efficiently. In this blogpost we introduce the stages of SDLC and detail how the release management platform can simplify the process.

3 Key Differences Between DevOps and traditional IT operations

Adopting DevOps is a bold journey. There are many dangers and pitfalls on the road ahead but one thing's for sure – it pays off big time. Find out what to expect from DevOps compared to the traditional IT approach in this blogpost.