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Setup WordPress on Free ARM Oracle VPS

WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs in the world. Now you can host your WordPress website on Oracle's free ARM VPS. Check out the blog post now.

A Practical Guide to Personal Dashboard Self-Hosting

Self-hosting a personal dashboard is a great way to dive into the rabbit hole of self-hosting, as many dashboards focus on homeservers and monitoring them. Here's how you can find the right dashboard for your use.

Time to Part Ways with Docker Hub

Docker's decision to axe Free Teams subscriptions is a huge blow to the open-source ecosystem. It's for the better, though. Learn what alternatives to look for.

You Deserve Better Than Email Self-Hosting

There's a whole universe of things more enjoyable than email self-hosting. But if you'd still like to host an email server, here's all you need to know.

A Quick Introduction to Self-Hosting

Self-hosting and open source software walk hand in hand. Get a brief intro to all things that need to be considered before picking self-hosting.

Self-Hosting Event Scheduler Calendly Alternative With dyrectorio

Self-hosting an event scheduler, such as, is a shortcut towards flexibility. Learn how you can self-host the Calendly alternative.