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Empower Innovation: Support The Development of dyrector.io

We’re now on Open Collective and looking for your donation to help us keep working on dyrector.io. You can also help us by contributing to the project on GitHub, giving us a star on the project’s repository or simply spreading the word about the platform.

The open source way

dyrector.io became open source in Summer 2022. It changed everything. Closed source allows projects to front. You never know who pays attention to your open-source project, so putting dyrector.io out there took us a lot of work. Making the project accessible and helping the community to understand the project took a lot of effort. The code needed to be restructured, so we spent weeks on that. We had to create our contribution guidelines, as well.

We experimented with Hacktoberfest, which we deemed successful with 19 commits from 11 contributors. Here’s what our contributors had to say about working with us.

Building in public is the only way we can imagine developing dyrector.io. There are several reasons why, the most important ones are these:

  • Create trust: dyrector.io has agents that are needed to be installed on the user’s infrastructure. Users can look at the thing they’re required to install before they make a decision to give the platform a try.

  • Appeal to engineers: Majority of the team are engineers. When we need to choose what technologies to work with, we prefer transparency, so we’d like to fit the standards we measure other projects with.

  • Appeal to businesses: GDPR boosts demand for transparent operation in the EU. Using open-source software like dyrector.io allows them to do so.

There are questions whether we’ll keep full access to open-source users of dyrector.io. We’d like to settle this once and for all.

Self-maintained use will remain free and unlimited forever.

No node restrictions, no deployment limits, just free use as if you’re using the unlimited platform hosted by us.

dyrector.io is a 100% bootstrapped project

We’re in the Microsoft for Startups partnership program, which allows us to use Azure to host the platform, the landing page, and even this blog. Other than that, we’re not connected to any cloud providers or projects to redistribute their products. The reason behind avoiding all kinds of ties to these providers is simple: we’d prefer to offer container management regardless of the technologies you use. On the side, we work for organizations as Cloud consultants and incorporate the platform and its functions into our workflows. We described how we work, the team dynamics and who we are in the previous blog post.

Bootstrapping has allowed us to shape the platform entirely to our liking as well. There’s no impact on the evolution of the platform other than user feedback and our own experiences and expertise.

Creating a fully functional platform like dyrector.io would be impossible without the daily efforts of our team, who work full-time on this project.

Donate to us

We’re launching our Open Collective, where you can sponsor the project with a few bucks once or recurringly, as much as you like.

Give our sponsorship tiers a look here.

Your donations will help us continue working on the project.

As of now, pricing is still in the works, so we can’t tell you up front how your donation will compare to any of our plans. However, enterprise access is already available. Contact us if you’re interetested in using the platform in production, and we’ll set up a stable instance for your team.

Keep in mind that self-managed dyrector.io will always remain unlimited and free. You can manage as many containers, products, and nodes as you’d like.

Contribute on GitHub

Another way to support us is by checking out the GitHub repository and looking for an issue you can contribute to. Check out our contribution guidelines to find out how to start. Even better, you can give the platform a test run, and if you encounter any problems, please contact us on Discord so we can discuss the issue.

Sometimes, the user reports the problem to us, and we either provide a quick fix or help troubleshoot the issue, or the user opens an issue and resolves the problem. We’re always grateful for this approach, and we reward major contributions with swag.

The third way you can support us is by telling others about dyrector.io. If you like the project, please let others know if they’re looking for a container management solution.

This blogpost was written by the team of dyrector.io. dyrector.io is an open-source continuous delivery & deployment platform with version management.

Find the project on GitHub.

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